• About Examdeal.in
    Exam deal is one of its kind online portal that provides its users with exam ready material for quick reference and at no cost. Exam deal was instituted with an aim to help students and educational institutes across all states to get an access to right and comprehensive material without spending time in evaluation or search of appropriate content. Exam deal keeps a track of all the exams, question papers and study material. Exam deal is a unique portal with the most extensive database for quick reference for its users when time is constraint.
  • About Examdeal.in
    The database that is being built by Exam deal is under supervision of academic experts. The subject matter experts at the helm of affair monitor the relevance of the content for its users and rate it accordingly. The database for reference is graded according to their relevance and importance in a particular examination.

Exam deal functions on 4 pillars

Free Guidance

Exam deal was established to provide free guidance to all. We want all our students to get proper guidance when they are at the peak of their academics so that we can indirectly help them shape their career and future.


We are aware that the students have a time crunch when preparing for exams and they have a vast syllabus to cover. Through our portal they can have speedy access to all the important material at one go.


It is the responsibility of exam deal to provide the material to its users that is reliable. We collect data from reliable sources so that our readers can refer the material on exam deal without any hesitation.


Various portals provide extensive material for any subject. Our goal is to provide the most relevant and helpful data to our readers.

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